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Adobe Connect Presenter Only Area

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If you have taught or are currently teaching an online or flex course, then you are probably familiar with Adobe Connect. For those who don’t know, Adobe Connect is used for live online meetings, specifically the virtual synchronous instruction sessions. It allows you to share your screen, video chat, and interact with your students from pretty much anywhere; but I’m here to tell you about one of the recent updates called the Presenter Only Area. It’s a handy little feature that keeps some things private during sessions.


What is the Presenter Only Area?

It is a second display in your Adobe Connect meeting room that can only be viewed by the host or presenter roles. Attendees cannot see this area.


Why Use the Presenter Only area?

Let’s say you have guest speakers presenting at one of your VSIs. You want everything to run smoothly for the students, so you can use the Presenter Only Area as a backstage function. By adding a chat pod to the Presenter Only Area, you can chat with the presenters without the students knowing. So comments like, “I’m  having trouble with my mic. Give me a few minutes.” Or “How do I share my powerpoint?” won’t be viewed by your attendees and problems can be solved quickly and quietly behind the scenes. Your session looks more professional and no one is embarrassed.


The Presenter Only Area is customizable, so you aren’t restricted in the kinds of pods you can add to it. Just be careful not to build your whole meeting room in the Presenter Only Area because your students will login and see only a blank gray screen.


Watch this video to find out how to setup a Presenter Only Area in your Adobe Connect meeting room.


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