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The Benefits of Lecture Capture

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High schools all over the country are hosting lectures to prepare the 2016 Senior Class for the “college experience”. Maybe you have attended one or even spoke at one of these events. There is a lot of useful and not-so-useful information provided at these lectures; and one bit that may be repeated over and over again is to “record your lectures.” This is helpful advice more students should take advantage of, but they don’t. As part of our Student Support, recorded lectures allows flexibility in a student’s education for a better learning experience.

For the student who can’t be physically in the classroom or present at the live lecture, having the ability to watch or listen to a lecture on a mobile device or home computer helps to keep that student on track. Other students have the option to revisit lectures during revision time or to take better notes. They also have the ability to pause or rewind the lecture to get a better grasp of tough concepts and this adds value to the course.

Lecture capture is useful for the professor as well. Viewer analytics can provide information on which topics students find most interesting and the recordings can be used to improve lecture content and delivery. A professor can see which lectures had the least amount of student engagement and can revise that lecture for future presentations to spark more interest.

If you haven’t recorded your lectures before, you should consider the benefits for your students. You can start capturing your lectures with TechSmith Relay now or learn how to access your Adobe Connect Recordings here.

Don’t have a TechSmith Relay account? Learn how to register for one here.


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