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Jacqui, the eSync Adobe Connect trainer, was kind enough to share with Pepperdine faculty some of the finer points of Adobe Connect. This was a 2-part webinar held over two days. If you missed it, you can watch the recordings below:

Basic Agenda

Session 1: Thursday 7/21 1-3p Pacific (watch session recording)

Lesson 1: Introducing Connect (Quick overview – 2-3mins)

Lesson 3: Managing a Connect Meeting Room – Attendee Pod and Menu Options

Lesson 4: Sharing Presentations

Lesson 5: Break out rooms


Session 2: Friday 7/22 10a-12 Pacific (watch session recording)

Lesson 6: Screen Sharing, Whiteboards, Images, Dig Video & Transitioning Content (this part was not recorded, so Jacqui has provided Job Aides for anyone interested.

Lesson 6a: Layouts, using them to prep multiple files for quick transitions during class

Lesson 8: Sharing Files, Polls, and Web Links

Lesson 7: Sharing Static Text  (If time remains)


Additional items:

(a) ODL will be scheduling all VSIs

(b) Show where the schedule is and how to “launch” their meeting rooms in sakai 11e

(c) Show where to get their recordings (and where students can go to get their recordings) via the VSI tool



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