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The One Button Studio

We in eLearning are pleased to announce the grand opening of The One Button Video Studio. This is a special resource for faculty that has been in the works for two years.

If you are attending the faculty meeting on March 14th, you will have the opportunity to tour the studio space from 1pm to 5pm. An eLearning team member will be there to answer questions and perform demonstrations.

With all the excitement over this new installment we want to go over some basic studio policies and procedures:

  1. The studio is exclusively for our Graziadio faculty’s course related projects. This is not a student resource.
  2. Any faculty member that wishes to use the space must complete a training in order to become a certified user.
  3. Video projects must be proposed to, and approved by, their eLearning Instructional Designer in order to reserve a recording time.
  4. The studio must be reserved two weeks in advance with the Studio Director. No last minute projects will be approved for studio time.
  5. A workable script must be submitted when you make your reservation (after approval by an Instructional Designer). Templates will be provided in the One Button Video Studio Handbook.
  6. A Studio Director will work with you on how to best present your project, and guide you on which resources are most appropriate (as not all video projects require studio equipment).

More information and a Handbook will be provided on March 14th at the faculty meeting.


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