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VoiceThread – Closed Captioning

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There’s news going around about an effort to make learning materials more accessible to students with disabilities. This may seem like more work, but these efforts help more than individuals with special needs. Have you ever missed a line in a television program and had to rewind to hear it again? I certainly have. I even use the closed caption feature on my TV for those moments, maybe even whole episodes if the characters have accents (Outlander comes to mind here).

How nice would it be if that feature was available for our online course materials? Knowing what the professor is saying during a video lesson is more important than knowing the punchline to a Louis C.K. joke, wouldn’t you agree? Youtube already has a closed captioning feature (although, their transcription software is not that great) and now VoiceThread has it too. It does require more work from you, but if you work off a script then it’s not so bad.

Here is a video provided by VoiceThread on how to add closed captioning to your VoiceThread presentations:


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